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How hot are the saunas?
Between 180-200 degrees

Whats included with the $40?
access to the facilities, Which include both saunas, showers, the pool, common areas, a set of towels, patio

What should I bring?
Robe (we rent them for $5, limited.)
Water shoes/shower shoes (sandals for sale, $10)
Lock for your locker (locks for sale, $10)
Bottled water

Where do I park?
We encourage everyone to park in either of the two parking lots located near the building. Please use street parking if the parking lots are full.

 ​Do you still do couples nights?

 Is this a swingers club?

Do I need to reserve ahead of time for a day pass?
Walk-ins only.

How can I book a private party?
Saturday evenings are reserved for private parties after 3pm.

How do I book a service?
Practitioners/services are independent of The Schvitz and can be booked in person or via Instagram.

Can I bring outside food?
No outside food allowed.

Are there memberships?No.

Do you have a hot tub?No.


The Schvitz
8295 Oakland Ave
Detroit, MI 48211